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Vivante Corporation is one of the few Sunnyvale-based companies to create new jobs, expand the region's talent pool and generate revenue. Not only is it in its best location in Silicon Valley, but it also has an emerging tech hub located in the impressive - inspiring - tech feeder of the San Francisco Bay Area. With a population of more than 1.5 million people, it acts as a major hub for the technology industry, with a number of exciting new businesses and a host of jobs.

Lockheed Martin has more than 1,000 employees in Sunnyvale, N.C., and has been based in Colorado for more than 30 years. Lockheed Martin behaves similarly to other large companies, with a large number of employees based in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Jose, California.

Workers play an active role in enhancing the quality of life in which they live and work, by volunteering more than 850,000 hours a year. Taking all of these aspects into account, it is clear that Sunnyvale is a great place for Lockheed Martin employees and their families. The city is also internationally recognized for its active entrepreneurship and enables the creation of over 1,500 new jobs per year in the technology sector. Employees play an active role in strengthening the quality of life in which we live, work and volunteer by strengthening it through their voluntary contributions to the local community.

Come and be part of a culture that inspires employees to think big, deliver excellence and build incredible products. The impact on businesses through a dedicated team working to develop a common, high TRL product across all programs. This team will lead a team that will work with architects and other OPCoE colleagues to develop a product maturity plan that matches the roadmap and needs to date.

To achieve this goal, you should have a working understanding of OPCoE, the business model and the needs of the program. They also need to demonstrate a strong commitment to customer service, customer service and engagement, and leadership.

This group will keep abreast of the latest developments in the real estate sector throughout the life cycle of the programme, providing expertise to SMEs. This team can help you gain better investment experience and a better understanding of the business model, customer service and customer loyalty. Find out about topics in and around Sunnyvale, CA, from real estate management and financial management to emergency management. For more information, visit the Knowledge Center or our Sunny Valley CA Property Management page.

To encourage the exchange of ideas, Lockheed Martin promotes an inclusive work environment that encourages difference and thinking in large-scale images. These amazing men and women are on a mission to make a difference in the world, and every day they use their expertise to develop and build solutions to some of the world's most challenging technical problems. They use it every day to design, build, test, construct and re-test - and we do. This amazing man and woman are on a mission to make a difference in this world.

As a leading technology and innovation company, Lockheed Martin works with partners around the world to deliver proven performance to meet the toughest challenges facing our customers. As a leading technology and innovation company, we work with our partners from all over the world to deliver proven services even in the most challenging challenges. We are looking for strong leaders who drive innovation, outstanding technology and long-term success for our employees and customers.

This group will consult on whether to make - or buy - decisions for all our products and would be part of the execution team when the decision to manufacture is determined by the program. It will be responsible for the development, development, testing, production, marketing and distribution of all Lockheed Martin products.

S situational telecommunications may be considered, authorized or approved at the discretion of the leader or on the basis of his role. It may, at the discretion of a leader or based on a role and / or role of a member of your team, consider, authorize or authorize.

Before applying for this position, please declare your interest in this position and may consider other career opportunities where similar skills and requirements have been identified as appropriate. Before applying for this position, you have indicated your interest in the position, but you could also consider other career opportunities where a similar qualification requirement has identified a suitable position. During the application you have expressed interest In addition to our current position at Sunnyside Communications, we also offer other job opportunities in Colorado.

Lockheed Martin Space has some of the coolest jobs on the planet like no other, and we're excited to take your career to a new level. We are passionate about translating your work into real-life applications that travel to space, so we would be pleased if you apply.