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Vandals spray painted the Star of David and the number 26, said Zahra Billoo, the chapter's executive director. Students and activists protesting tuition fees camp in the lobby of the Sunnyside Sheraton Hotel in downtown Santa Cruz after occupying it last night. Members of a teachers union are planning to hold a rally outside the hotel today to demand an end to school closures and the removal of religious symbols from the building, a union president has said. The president and the president-elect of an anti-tuition group today condemned the vandalism that struck a mosque in Santa Cruz on Thursday.

A fire with a fire alarm was reported in the parking lot of an apartment building in Richmond, California, about 3.30am on Thursday. A man shot a woman outside his downtown Richmond home on Thursday morning, police said. The victim and the suspect argued when the man struck the woman on the head with a handgun, Richmond police said.

The fire department said the building in question was in the parking lot of an apartment building in San Jose, California, around 3: 30 a.m. Hartley's 1973 Chevrolet was hit by a tractor-trailer, police said. DEA Special Agent Casey Rettig said an arrest warrant had been issued for a suspect in connection with the shooting of two men in a San Francisco apartment complex on Wednesday night. Officers responded to a call about a fire in a residential area of the city at about 2.30pm on Thursday, police said.

A vehicle that was pursued by officers in Santa Rosa on Thursday afternoon was eventually found after the driver left the vehicle, police said. Pleasanton police have arrested a 32-year-old woman after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend following an argument early on Thursday morning. Officers responded to a report of a stabbing at a house in the 300 block of West Main Street about 1: 30 a.m., Pleasantons Detective Brandon Stocking said.

The California Public Utilities Commission today fined PG & E Co. $1.5 million for illegal judge-led shopping in a collective bargaining case at a San Francisco meeting. The amount is the fifth largest amount the U.S. attorney's office has received in the country in the 2014 fiscal year, the prosecutor's office said. Federal prosecutors said the San Francisco-based Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) collected a total of $2.7 million in federal money in civil and criminal cases against the company for its role in an illegal price-fixing and leveraging program in California in fiscal 2014. PG & E Co., which was fined $8.6 million by the California Public Utilities Commission on Thursday during a San Francisco meeting for "illegal purchases" in collective bargaining cases.

Construction company Burlingame has been fined more than $106,000 for safety violations that led to the deaths of two Bay Area men working on a new bridge in Winters, the state's Department of Occupational Safety and Health announced today. AT & T reached a $1.5 million settlement with the California Department of Health for failing to dispose of hazardous waste at its San Mateo County plant. The California Administrative Court today announced its decision to settle a civil lawsuit against AT & T.

The Solano County coroner's office has identified the driver of a pickup truck who was killed after crashing into the back of a tractor-trailer in Fairfield this morning. The man who died when he lost control of his sports car and collided with an SUV was 31-year-old Michael Kelly, according to his family.

A Redwood City man pleaded not guilty Thursday to stabbing and killing a man after the two argued over cigarettes, the San Mateo County district attorney's office said. A man has been convicted of first-degree murder for shooting dead another man who was on his way to the Aptos compound with a friend, prosecutors said. The man suspected of stabbing a 30-year-old Santa Clara County man was arrested Thursday morning at his home in Santa Cruz, police said.

A DEA spokeswoman said the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration arrested the suspect Thursday morning after he obtained a search warrant at a marijuana growing facility in Oakland. A man was arrested Thursday afternoon after search warrants were issued at his Santa Cruz home and his Oakland home for growing marijuana, a DEA spokeswoman said. The man was arrested Wednesday night after a drug raid on the home of his mother and a friend, the DEA spokesman said, after serving search warrants in two Oakland - cultivating marijuana.

A San Mateo man was arrested today on suspicion of getting into a sidewalk while driving under the influence of alcohol and assaulting three students and a teacher with an object, police said. San Francisco police announced they arrested 24-year-old Johnathan Dean on Thursday morning after he killed 20-year-old Malcolm Armstrong, a Richmond man who is behind bars after beating his girlfriend with a replica handgun on Wednesday night, a police spokeswoman said today. A New Mexico man has been arrested on suspicion of DUI after he was run over by two police cars in the parking lot of a Santa Cruz hotel early in the morning, according to police.

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